Choosing a sink

The choice of the sink should be taken very seriously, because this product will serve you for a long time. There are several varieties of this sanitary appliance for the kitchen and bathroom; they are made of different materials. You need to choose a shell that will suit you according to the method of attachment and form, so that it will delight you with its aesthetic appearance over a long period.

You need to pay attention to the material from which the bathroom sink is made. Usually they are made of ceramics. Such a product has great strength, chips and scratches can be formed only with very careless handling. Moisture does not linger on this type of sink, because the current ceramics have a very smooth surface that does not have pores. Washbasins made of porcelain or earthenware are particularly hygienic and environmentally friendly. There are also products made of cast iron and steel, but they are usually covered with a layer of enamel. This type of shell is not subject to corrosion and is resistant to temperature changes.But enameled sinks and sinks have one drawback, their cover can peel off, it often happens at the edges. If you have a typical bathroom, you can take a sink in which there is no hole for fitting the faucet. Products with overflow protection (overflow) must be included with their fasteners and siphons, because in this case, the standard may not be suitable. You must accurately measure the place on which you want to install the sink. These measurements should be taken into account when choosing and buying a "tulip" washstand, because such a product does not have a uniform standard. Such shells may differ in their shape. Washbasin - "tulip" consists of a special stand, which are hidden in the pipes and bowls. This type of sink is attached to the wall. The "tulip" can be solid or have a separate bowl from the design that can be removed. Such a shell has its drawbacks: it requires a lot of space, and its stand is often too high for the kids, its height is usually 70-80 centimeters. But there are wash basins that adjust the height and inclination of the bowl. You can also pay attention to the wall sinks.They require less space for installation than “tulips”, because they are mounted on the wall with brackets. Mixers of such sinks can be installed on the wall or the sink itself. The main drawback of such products can be called a not very aesthetic look, due to the open pipes. There are also sinks that come with the built-in sink or cabinet, they are installed in the hole in the bathroom furniture. The various forms of such products allow you to choose exactly what will fit perfectly into the style of the room.

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