Christmas tree

Origami paper "Elka" - a classic example of how from the same blanks (modules) you can create a single piece. To make the crafts look more impressive, we use cardboard or paper with foiled (shiny) coating and unobtrusive ornament for its basis. You can make a Christmas tree from plain cardboard or paper, but add bright, expressive decorations.

 Origami Christmas Tree

Origami Christmas Tree

Before How to make an origami Christmas tree, cut out of paper several squares of the same size. The size depends on what size we want to get the finished product. Each square is first folded in half (we direct the fold along the diagonal), bringing opposite corners to each other. Then we unroll a small square and we combine with each other the remained two corners. As a result, we have two intersecting diagonal lines, which serve as a guideline and distinguish between four isosceles triangles.

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