Cinderella Room from inexpensive materials

It turns out that it’s pretty easy to create a beautiful interior in a fairytale style by yourself. This video will help you find inspiration.

The main decoration of the room will be a fabulous lampshade on the lamp. A simple light shade, which can be bought in a shop for creativity, can be decorated with a garland of light bulbs that need to be fixed in the manner shown in the video. For work, you will need long needles or an awl to make holes and a special flexible wire.

Such a lamp will look very impressive if, together with the patron at the base of the chandelier, you place an outlet to which you can connect a garland. You can turn on two light sources simultaneously, or one of them, depending on the situation.

They say a broken mirror is not the best sign. But for the sake of a beautiful mural, one can neglect superstition. The main thing is to comply with all precautions and work in protective gloves. Such a panel will decorate the wall and give the room a truly fabulous mood.

Faux fur, old sweater and top, decorated with sequins, you can sew wonderful pillows for decorative pillows. The combination of different textures will make the room royally luxurious!

Quite a bit of fantasy - and a fabulous room is ready!

Date: 09.10.2018, 09:46 / Views: 55472

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