Classic Ice Cream Sandwich

Classic Ice Cream Sandwichis a recipe.



  1. flour - 350 gr;
  2. cocoa powder (without sugar) - 75 g;
  3. butter - 285 g;
  4. sugar - 200 grams;
  5. salt - tsp;
  6. yolk - 2 pieces;
  7. vanillin - 1 tbsp.


  1. ice cream (any taste) - 1050 gr.


Heat the oven to 175 degrees. 2 baking sheets with baking paper. &Nbsp;

Mix flour and cocoa. In the bowl for the mixer, beat the butter, sugar and flour mixture and salt until smooth. Add the yolks and vanilla, whisk again. &Nbsp;

Divide the dough into 2 equal parts and roll each on the board. If the dough is too soft, wrap it in a food film and place it in the refrigerator until it is hard enough to roll it out (about 30 minutes).

Cut the rolled sheets into rectangles (the total should be 24). Put the cookies on the trays and bake for 16-18 minutes (the main thing is to be firm in the middle). Cool. &Nbsp;

On a baking sheet on which cookies were baked, evenly distribute the ice cream (slightly softened) to make an even layer.

Put in the freezer until the ice cream hardened, and then cut the solid ice cream into 12 even pieces (use 1 cookie for the stencil).

Put a layer of ice cream between two identical cookies and wrap each sandwich in cling film (so that it does not lose its shape). Send all sandwiches to the freezer.

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