Clawed monster

The pop-up style makes it possible to show imagination in creating the most unusual volumetric and moving pictures. With it, you can create not only gift cards, but also drawings for children. Any kid will happily consider an amusing monster or even draw it with his parents. Tools It will take quite a bit to do a pop-up style drawing. First of all, these are markers, scissors or a stationery knife, a small ruler, glue and, of course, paper. It is best to take for this purpose drawing paper or sheets for drawing.
 pencils and felt-tip pens
How to create a monster First picked A white or colored sheet of paper is bent to make a booklet.
 bend the sheet
Now from the bend side you need to draw a straight line that will become the future beak of the monster. Do not drive it too high, otherwise the beak, bending when closing the page,will go beyond it.
 make an incision
With a pair of scissors, a folded page is neatly cut at the fold side.

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