Clean without harmful chemicals: how to wash and wash baby clothes

How to get rid of stains of chocolate and markers on children's clothes? What is the best way to wash vegetables and fruits for a child? Are all means good for children's dishes?

Our expert, CEO Alexander Konyukhov answers the questions of readers.

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Previously, I always brought from abroad a safe means for washing vegetables, fruits and children's dishes. But now there is no possibility to travel often to Finland. I heard that now such gels are being released also here. It's true? Where to buy them? (Veronika Izotova, 27, housewife)

“Indeed, in Russia they also know how to make household chemicals of this kind. We have several manufacturers who have managed to recommend themselves in this area only from the good side. Despite the fact that about each product you can talk quite a lot, I would dwell on those produced by NCT. Of the variety, I’ll talk about the Palmia gels: Palmia Sensitiva and Palmia Bambini.This choice is not accidental: now Palmia Sensitiva gel is one of the few that can wash both children's dishes, and vegetables and fruits. It easily washes away both the wax layer and the phosphates, and at the same time it does not distort the color, smell and taste perception of the gifts of nature. When developing a product, world experience was taken into account, including Finnish. Therefore, this tool is especially interesting to people who are used to using proven options from Scandinavia.

As for the gel Palmia Bambini, it is specifically designed for washing children's dishes. In addition to Bambini, a number of specialized tools with similar properties are found on store shelves, but it is Palmia that is more in demand due to the combination of price, economy and safety. The basis of this gel is baking soda, and the composition of the product has been developed in the company's own laboratory, taking into account the specifics of the pollution, which is typical for children's dishes. The gel contains only hypoallergenic components, which is confirmed by the Scientific and Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene.

And in addition to the above, I’ll draw your attention, Veronika, that Palmia Bambini gel is completely washed off nine times faster and easier than the standards of the Russian GOST require.For several years I have been professionally engaged in the examination of detergents, and so far none of them could have pleased with a similar indicator. ”

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