Cleansing the body after the holidays


Cleansing the body: day regimen

First, after the holidays, restore the “working” mode of the day to which your body has become accustomed. When the body enters its usual routine, all natural biorhythms will begin the process of recovery, food digestion and metabolism, including!

The amount of fluid during the cleansing of the body

Next, you should increase the amount of fluid you drink. In addition to tea, coffee, cocoa and juice you need to drink plenty of water. The amount of water you drink per day should be about two liters. Yes, it is an impossible task if you are not used to drinking so much water every day, but it’s quite possible to drink a liter of non-carbonated pure water in a day! For example, after the New Year holidays, it is important to drink a course of activated carbon with water - it will remove all excess wastes, clean the stomach.

Toxins and slags

Cleansing the body of toxins also means that you now need to eat regularly, but in small portions.Of course - at the same time. Eliminate from the diet for at least a week heavy food: fatty meats, pasta, soda, ready-to-cook foods, chips and all sorts of sauces. Replace the usual bread with bran bread, which has a positive effect on the work of the stomach. At night, the stomach must rest, so no snacking at night!

Sports activities

Physical exertion in cleansing the body is not the last place. After the holidays, start exercising in the morning, 15 minutes will be enough. In the evenings, a half-hour stretch or a small jog at a slow pace. While running, listen to pleasant music that will help you further relax.

In general, in a couple of weeks you will be able to restore your body by putting it in order, following the simple tips above. Home cleansing of the body after the holidays is not difficult, the main thing is the desire to work on yourself!

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