Cocktail "Ruff"

Victoria Matyushkina
Victoria Matyushkina
May 27, 2011
Cocktail "Ruff"

The history of the cocktail "ruff"

This cocktail appeared as a result of mixing alcoholic beverages. We can say that the Russian cocktail “ruff” was the original answer to the exquisite cocktails of the West. This cocktail originated around the XIX century among the merchants. Merchants started a tradition at the end of the festivities, when everyone was already pretty drunk, to dump all the food together, well, and pour the alcohol into one container. All this they called "ruff."

Classic cocktail "ruff"

The classic ruff is a mixture of beer and vodka. From 30 to 60 ml of high-quality vodka is poured into a mug of high-quality beer with a pronounced hop flavor. It is in this sequence.

Cooking methods are varied. I will list only some of them.

"Mexican ruff": 33 ml of tequila mixed with 330 ml of Mexican beer "Corona Extra". An empty glass with a heavy bottom is immersed in a beer mug. A glass should float. In the glass you need to pour tequila in such a way that the glass fell to the bottom of the mug. All this is drunk in one gulp.

“Chpok”: pour 100 ml of “Zhigulevskiy” into a faceted glass, gently pour 100 grams of vodka. Glass traditionally covered with his hand, then you need to hit the bottom of the glass on the table. The resulting mixture of beer, vodka and bubbles drink in one gulp.

With port: the first option is to mix 0.7 liters of beer and the same amount of port wine. The second option - "double-barreled gun" - to drink beer and port from two necks at once.

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