Competent pedicure at home

Professionals advise you to do a pedicure at least once every two weeks. After all, with regular and proper foot care, the skin on the feet will become tender, and your nails will look neat.
Steaming feet
Before the procedure, thoroughly wash your feet, remove the old varnish. Soften the skin of the feet using the bath. Pour warm water into the basin, add soap suds to it, for example, shower gel, you can also put some sea salt. Hold your feet in water for about 15 minutes. Wipe off with a towel.
Cuticle and nail treatment
Take nippers or nail scissors, carefully cut off the protruding nail in a straight line. Using a saw, align the rough tips, moving from the edge of the nail plate to its center. Make square toenails to prevent them from growing into the skin.
With the help of a special orange stick, gently move the cuticle and remove the nail plate from its particles.
To better cut the cuticle, apply a special emollient to it.
Wand the same swipe under the nail, remove the dirt accumulated there and dried skin cells. Using a double-sided file, polish the surface of the nail to make it look smooth.
Foot care
Pay attention and feet, remove from them hardened skin with pumice. Lubricate your feet with a nourishing cream, slightly massage your feet with light circular movements.
If the skin on the heels cracks, there are tenants, use the methods of traditional medicine. Apply any nutrient mask to problem areas, wrap legs with polyethylene, put on socks. Keep a healing mask all night. In the morning, wash your feet, lubricate them with a moisturizer.
Applying varnish
At the stage of applying varnish, it all depends on your taste and desire. You can simply make up your nails with a colorless or firming varnish, or you can make them bright, draw a picture.
So, degrease your nails with a special liquid. Put spacers between your fingers. Apply a colorless base that will protect your nails from harmful varnish components. Wait until it dries, apply a layer of your favorite color varnish, dry it, apply a second layer to make the shade more saturated. Cover your nails with a fixative.

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