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February 23 has long been not considered an exclusively military or army holiday. It is celebrated by absolutely all representatives of the male sex, regardless of age and occupation. In addition to the military and security officials, the Defender of the Fatherland Day congratulates very young boys attending kindergarten, and young teenagers still attending school, and students, and office workers, and bank employees, and representatives of working professions, and social workers. spheres. They are always willing to be brave and strong, not to give in to problems and difficulties, to take under their protection the small and the weak, to firmly believe in the right cause and to be a reliable support for their family, friends, relatives and homeland.

In honor of February 23, various festive events are held at children's educational institutions, enterprises and organizations. For kids from kindergarten and school they are planning funny matinees with songs, dances, reciting poems, games and fun quizzes. For youth and adults, organize spectacular concerts on February 23. The script includes beautiful performances of amateur groups, folk ensembles, military choirs and orchestras, famous singers and dance groups.

The most large-scale concerts on February 23 are being prepared under the auspices of leading state television channels, such as Channel One and Russia 1. Professional director directors of the highest level are developing scenarios for the celebrations. The concert on February 23, 2017, will not be an exception to these rules. Preparation for the event is already underway and it is expected that it will be one of the most unusual, intense and vivid shows of the coming year. While the script is kept in the strictest confidence, but the developers transparently hint that the concert will not leave anyone indifferent and will make an indelible impression on viewers and television viewers.

How to hold a concert on February 23 in kindergarten - ideas for the script

To celebrate the festive concert on February 23 in the kindergarten was fun and easy, you need to develop an interesting scenario in advance and include in it as many bright, original and fervent creative numbers. If it is a question of the morning performance in the junior and middle groups of the kindergarten, it is better to build a concert in classical style and confine oneself to poetic-song-dancing performances. Such a format of children's celebration will be convenient for both kids and tutors, and for invited guests.


Planning a long holiday for February 23 is not worth it. Children 3-5 years old can just get tired and lose all interest in what is happening. In order to avoid such a situation, it makes sense to dilute the children's scenario of a festive concert by February 23 with a mobile game or a simple contest, and award winners with jocular diplomas or medals of distinction made by themselves. It will amuse children, and adults will be happy to watch the beloved children of sincere, carefree fun.

The script of the children's concert by February 23 in the senior and preparatory group is quite appropriate to supplement with the costume costumes on military themes.The most successful option is to illustrate in this way popular songs about the army and brave defenders of the Motherland. This will give the concert on the occasion of February 23 an element of the show and make the children's event more vivid, spectacular and memorable.

Scenario concert by February 23 at school for high school students


Planning a script for a school concert by February 23 for high school students is a must with the children. 14-16 year old teens already consider themselves to be quite adult and want to be perceived by others as well. They will be pleased to see the respectful attitude of the school teachers and the willingness of the older generation to take into account the opinion of young people in drafting the script.

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