Dog constipation, what to do?

Alexey Ganzenko
Alexey Ganzenko
March 6, 2013
Dog constipation, what to do?

Our four-legged friends suffer from various ailments in the same way as people - their owners. In particular, constipation is a fairly common pet problem. Dog constipation: what to do? To begin, we will try to understand the diagnosis and determine the reasons.

Constipation in a dog: symptoms, causes

A pet's refusal of food, vomiting, absence of stools for several days is unequivocal evidence of constipation. There are many reasons for this condition, from a violation in the diet to an infectious disease. Failure of the intestine can also be caused by a lack of food or an inadequate amount of moisture. Known and more terrible causes of constipation - the consequences of viral infections, tumors, torsion of intestines.

What to do

Constipation caused by a non-hazardous cause (a violation of the diet) is easy to overcome; it is enough to add butter to your dog's food. The dosage depends on the weight of the “smaller brother” and varies within the limits: one article. L - 200 ml.The enema will also help, but it is not recommended to abuse this procedure. If there is no confidence in the causes of constipation, it is better to contact the veterinarian, and this should be done without delay. The specialist will prescribe the necessary treatment. In any case, it is useful to carefully follow the pet's diet for one and a half to two weeks. For this period, it is necessary to exclude bones from the dog's diet, add dairy and meat products.

Movement - life

Regardless of the cause of constipation, it is helpful to pay attention to the physical activity of the four-toed friend. It is necessary to increase the length of walking, to diversify evening walks with exercises for increased mobility. This will return the dog vigor, health and great mood.

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