Cook a sprig of snow

Unusual composition will decorate the interior in an original way on the eve of the New Year holidays. We create a masterpiece at home in 2.5 hours. For crafts you will need: branch, salt, water, Christmas toys in the form of balls, disk, bump or other decorations.
Step # 1. Pour in pot of 0.5 liters of water, add 4 tablespoons of salt (with a slide), mix thoroughly. Put a branch in the salt solution so that the water completely covers it. You can press the "brew" spoons. We put the pot on a slow fire. Cover is not covered. We cook until the water is at the maximum evaporated and the salt takes a creamy shape.  Make a snow twig Step 2. Carefully remove the brine covered with a brine on a wide plate (chopping board). To facilitate the task, you can do it with tweezers. Leave for a couple of hours to dry.
 Cooking a sprig of snow
Step # 3. Prepare the pot for a snow sprig.Attach a Christmas tree decoration ball to the disc with plasticine, after removing the plastic cap for the eyelet. Next we install additional elements of decor, in our case, it is a bump, leaf and chestnut. Done.
Cooking a snow sprig
Step No. 4. We drop a little dried up tree into the hole in the ball. Step No. 5. Decorate the craft with improvised materials : small caps, buttons.
 Cooking a snow sprig
New Year's item will be fully ready in a day.
 Var m snow twig
The salt dries and crystallizes completely during this time. Such snow looks very interesting and, unlike cotton wool, naturally. But its main advantage is that even at a temperature of 40 ° C it remains in its original form. The composition will wonderfully complement the New Year's entourage, will raise your spirits. And finally, we add a small postscript: you can add water to the pot of salt and repeatedly repeat the procedure with other objects.
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