Corrugated paper tulips

tulips of corrugated paper
The flowers from corrugated paper are very beautiful. They look gentle and subtle, like real ones. Looking at the photos of such flowers on the Internet, some of us think: “I can never do that.” But who said that creating something beautiful is difficult? Corrugated paper tulips are easy to make! It takes only 10 to 15 minutes. A bouquet of such flowers can be created with the children. They will certainly be carried away by the process of work, all the more so since we will not have to wait for a great result of labor. This is suitable for restless babies. Materials and tools: green and pink corrugated paper;
  • green and pink corrugated paper;
  • 5 disposable plastic spoons;
  • scotch tape;
  • scissors.
tulips from corrugated paper
Cut the pinkcorrugated paper on shreds of about 12 by 12 cm, and green - leaves in a shape resembling a triangle with convex sides. For 1 tulip you will need 5 spoons, 5 pink shreds and 3 green leaves.
 corrugated paper tulips
We put each spoon diagonally on a pink sheet and wrap it neatly.
tulips from corrugated paper
There will be 5 petals.
 corrugated paper tulips
Next, fold the spoons in the following sequence: first take 2 of them, fold the" face "to each other, as shown on the picture. The other three petals fold around. We fix the bud with scotch tape.
 corrugated paper tulips
 tulips from corrugated paper
Carefully wrap the resulting blank with three green leaflets ,which can also be stapled or tied with a small piece of corrugated paper.
 corrugated paper tulips
tulips from crepe paper

tulips from corrugated paper
We have a nice cozy bouquet of tulips, which can freshen up any interior or become a small pleasant gift to a person close to you.

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