Crispy sauerkraut

Cabbage is a valuable source of vitamins and trace elements. Does not lose its usefulness, and with fermentation. The most tasty cabbage is obtained by adding a carrot to it when fermenting.
 Crispy sauerkraut
Take a head of cabbage weighing about 2 kg to a two-liter jar. On a special grater for cabbage, grind the head into small chips. One small carrot grate for Korean salads. Mix cabbage with carrots, but do not grind. To prepare brine in 1 liter of water, take 2 tbsp. l. salt. Boil and cool. Cabbage is folded tightly in a jar and poured into a cooled brine. Cabbage leave for 2 days in a warm room, without closing the lid (you can cover with gauze). Place the jar preferably in a bowl, as the resulting juice will flow out. Daily cabbage poke a wooden stick. Two days later, you can eat, seasoned with onions and vegetable oil.
Crispy Sauerkraut
Bon appetit!

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