Basics of crochet gloves (basic course)

Lesson onBasics of crochet gloves (basic course).

Materials and tools:

  1. hook;
  2. yarn.



  1. rev. - air loop
  2. comp. Art. - connecting bar
  3. half a dozen - semi-column
  4. Art. s / n - double crochet


Size Chart

Knitting description

Set of loops

For the middle, index, ring fingers and little finger, we carry out 8 half-pieces in the thread ring, instead of the 1st half. knit 2 vozd. to lift This and each next roundabout end 1 conn. Art. to the highest air lift loop.

In the next circular row, we increase the number of loops to the number of loops corresponding to the girth of each finger. To do this, evenly spreading, we knit two half-stems. on one loop of the base.

The number of loops, as well as the length of the corresponding finger, are listed in the table or instructions.

Starting from the 2nd circular row, we knit in circular rows in the forward and backward directions so that the beginning of the circular row does not shift. To do this, after each round of the series we turn the work. Upon reaching the appropriate length we finish the work. We leave the ends of the threads hanging loosely.


Next, we continue to knit on all the loops as follows: for the outside of the glove, we tie half a piece of gloves. half of the loop of the little finger, with the last 2 loops knit together. To do this, we put the first half of the floor cover in., Insert the hook into the loop, grab the thread and pull it out, then do the same for the 2nd half insert, insert the hook into the loop, grab the thread and pull it out. After that, grab the thread and stretch it through all the hooks on the hook.

Then we tie up the half loops of the ring finger, while knitting together the first two and last loops. We tie half loops of the middle finger in the same way. After that, we tie up half the loops of the index finger, while again knitting the first 2 loops together.

The outer side of the glove is ready. If necessary, put a label here.

For the inside of the glove, tie the remaining loops of your index finger and knit the last 2 loops together. Then we tie up the remaining loops of the middle and ring fingers, as for the outside of the glove. At the end we tie the remaining loops of the little finger, while knitting together the first 2 loops.

On these loops we knit as many circular rows or centimeters as shown in the table or instruction.

After that, we perform 2 halves for the thumb jumper into the last loop of the outer side of the glove and into the first loop of the inner side of the glove (that is, before and after the mark). = 2 added jumper loops.

Thumb and thumb wedge

We start knitting, as for the rest of the fingers, and add loops according to the table or instructions. Upon reaching the corresponding length of the thumb, we perform the jumper in the first and last loop of 2 half pieces. = 2 added jumper loops.

After that, we knit on all the loops, and in the 1st circular row we knit together both the first loops of the inner side of the glove, the 2 last loops of the outer side of the glove, and also the 2 first and 2 last loops of the thumb. As a result, the added loop for the thumb strap will be reduced again.At the end of knitting for the wedge of the thumb in each circular row of the last loop on the outside of the glove along with the 1st loop of the thumb and the last loop of the thumb - along with the 1st loop on the inside of the glove. Such slowdowns are repeated in the same places until the thumb loops are reduced. As a result, the work has the same number of loops as before the formation of the thumb strap.

After that, we knit up to the palm length shown in the table.


We perform relief art. s / n, so that it is slightly inhibited. If the number of loops is not suitable for the pattern, then in the 1st circular row you can easily reduce the 2-3 loops. Upon reaching the desired length of the cuff, we leave all the loops loose.

With the end of the string of fingers we sew the seams of the jumpers of the fingers and sew it up.

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