Curd Sprinkles

Curd Sunsis a recipe.


  1. cottage cheese 500 gr;
  2. Sugar 4 tbsp. l.;
  3. chicken eggs 2 pieces;
  4. semolina 6 tbsp. l.;
  5. flour 2 tbsp. l.;
  6. peach (in syrup) 250 gr;
  7. corn sticks 3 packs;
  8. vanilla to taste;
  9. processed cheese (chocolate) to taste.


Break eggs into a bowl, add sugar and mix. In the cottage cheese add semolina, flour, eggs with sugar and vanilla, mix until smooth.

Open the jar of peaches in the syrup, pour out the liquid and cut the peaches in small pieces. Then put the peaches on a strainer to stack the whole syrup.

From the curd mass we form a ball, then flatten it into a flat cake, put a peach in the middle. We collect the edges of the pellet forming a ball.

Cook the koloboks in boiling water for 5-7 minutes after they float to the surface. We put the finished koloboks on a paper towel.Crush the corn sticks right in the closed bundle to the flour, pour it onto a plate and roll the finished buns. Leave for 5 minutes and roll back again.

Curd suns are ready. Tasty both hot and cold.

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