Cute coffee cat

We sew from thesweet coffee cat, which will be an excellent gift for any occasion.

Materials and tools:

  1. calico 25Х15;
  2. filler;
  3. PVA glue 1 tbsp. l.;
  4. instant coffee 2 tbsp. l.;
  5. vanillin;
  6. acrylic paints;
  7. permanent marker;
  8. pencil;
  9. scissors;
  10. needle and thread;
  11. sewing machine;
  12. oven;
  13. brushes.


Step 1

Cut the pattern out of paper. We double the fabric and transfer the tail pattern to it.

Also on the coarse calico folded two times we transfer the pattern of the cat's body 2 times.

We stretch the tail, leaving only the base unstitched. We only patch the body from the side of the face (see photo).

Cut the tail, cut off the excess fabric (for this, it is better to use zigzag scissors, if you cut them with simple scissors, then you need to make notches in curves, not reaching 1 mm before the line).

Combine 2 parts of the cat, facing each other. Make sure that the seams of the recesses match.

We scroll along the contour. On the pattern there are square zones, marked with a dotted line, we lay these folds and stitch it. Cut off excess fabric.

Carefully separate the two layers of fabric and cut one of them in the place where the tail will be sewn.

Turning the seal and fill it with filler. Ears can not fill or fill a little bit. Tail tightly sewed and sewn in a circle, removing excess fabric inside

We sew the place through which it was filled with a secret stitch. The seam itself is covered with a tail. Tail sew in a circle so that the message seam was closed.

Step 2

We tint our toy with an aromatic-glue solution.

To do this, we brew instant coffee with hot water, add vanilla, and stir. When the solution has cooled, add PVA glue.

The amount of coffee and glue can be changed at your discretion. The more coffee, the darker the tone of the toy. The more PVA, the more rigid the toy will be after drying.

Brush over all surfaces of the cat. The brush should not be too wet. &Nbsp;

Dry in the oven at 160 C. Ensure that the fabric does not burn.

Step 3

We draw the contours of our face, legs and a souvenir in the legs.

Let's start painting.

The first layer is to draw all white. White color the eyes and contour of the souvenir. The paint should not be liquid.

With a practically dry brush and brown acrylic we tint the paws, around the eyes, the shadows on the face and the outline of the souvenir.

Green draw the iris of the eye, dark green draw under the upper eyelid and light green at the bottom of the eye.

Black paint the pupil, and white glare in the eyes. The paint should dry well otherwise black and white will blend.

With a permanent marker we draw the outline of the face, draw around the eyes, draw the eyelashes, draw the outline of the legs. Black paint draw the nose. We put the point of the mustache.

We paint a souvenir. The heart can be red polka dots, it can have an inscription, you can draw a coin or a Christmas tree.

Pink pencil draw blush.

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