Decorate your summer cottage in an unusual way with the help of wheels and tiles

It's always nice to make something useful and useful from an old thing, instead of throwing it away. This project will help recycle metal discs from old wheels. Unlike rubber tires, they practically do not emit harmful substances into the soil and look great in the garden.

In addition to the wheel itself, you will need pieces of tile or any other decor, clay or cement mortar.

First you need to wash, and it is better to clean the old wheel. Direct a stream of strong water at him or brush with a metal brush.

Paint the disc should be painted over rust, it is much easier than to treat the metal with special compounds.

Collect the remains of tiles that could wait for this project for years. If there are none, take a look at the store and ask them to sell the broken tile, it is considered a marriage and is inexpensive.

Use tile glue, clay, or cement mortar to secure the mosaic on the wheel. Then clean the entire surface with a grout and wipe with a dry cloth.

At the bottom of the wheel lay a couple of layers of film, having made drainage holes in it. Then set the basket or line the bottom and sides of the burlap.

Fill in the soil of the type that is suitable for your plants. It remains only to plant flowers.

Date: 08.10.2018, 19:04 / Views: 82342

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