Deodorant spray can

A can of paint
Good day to all, in this small article I will tell you how to make a can of paint with your own hands. To do this, we need: 1. Absolutely any spray from a deodorant, the main thing is that it would be empty, perfect perfectly without suture, it is better to hold a lot of pressure. 2. Paint, I used ink for fountain pens. 3. A syringe, with a broken needle, with which the balloon is refilled. 4. Bicycle chamber nipple. 5. Pack or compressor to create pressure in the cylinder.
 A can of paint
First of all, fill a can of paint, for this remove the sprayer cap from the bottle, type paint in the syringe, insert the bottle into the valve, push the valve all the way and start to fill as much as we need for the normal operation of the cartridge,half the volume is enough.
 Balloon with paint
After filling it with paint, you need to create pressure. To do this, we put on the bicycle nipple on the valve of the cylinder, just hold it all the way and start pumping air with the help of rolling, no more than 3-5 atmospheres. src="" alt="Paint Spray" title="Paint Spray">
A can of paint Then remove the nipple, put on the spray cap, and shake the balloon a little and try to draw.
 Paint can
If you have any questions, watch a video of the process of making and using paint can.

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