Designers offered a mattress, which has enough space for the whole family

During the Soviet era, there was an amusing performance with Arkady Raikin "For a dream coming", in which the protagonist reclined in a huge bed on the stage and tried to fall asleep, pronounced the phrase: "To fall asleep, you need to think about something monotonous. For example, about the store. In 1958, this joke was knowingly supported by a standing ovation of the entire audience in the theater hall and those who watched the performance on TV!

How things have changed, and most importantly, how varied are the goods stores, which they just do not have!

However, new products never cease to amaze and awaken the imagination, forcing them to imagine what to do with these new things. Here, for example, as if looking at an old Soviet performance, the designers of Ace Collection They offered a mattress of 3 m 66 cm in size, in which there is enough space for the whole family!

On such a wide mattress, according to the designers' assumption, the sleepy sounds of the snoring of the beloved husband at a distance no longer cause trouble.Enough space in the bed and for children who climb into the bed with their parents if they have a dream.

Undoubtedly, a spacious bed will require a bedroom the size of an airplane hangar, as well as a serious investment (from $ 2,750) to turn the dream of a giant mattress into reality. But after all a dream in one bed, thus at a distance is something special, on what it is impossible to hang a price list.

Date: 09.10.2018, 09:02 / Views: 62254

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