Development of logic in children 6-7 years old

Games for children developing logic can be made at home with your own hands from the most simple and affordable materials. Today we want to tell you how you can make bumblebees from kinder surprise for children, with which you can learn math, spelling and logic!

At home, in kindergarten and school, a child learns to read, write, count.

logical game bumblebees

logical game bumblebees

The tasks often seem to him either too boring or too difficult. Quite often, a child of six or seven years old, hearing a sentence to read, makes a stressedly bored or protesting look, depending on the character. Parents worry that the child is not forced to learn and begin to force him to read, which causes an even greater protest in the child.

If a child of older preschool or primary school age does not want to read, write or count, in this case you:

  • Do not be angry and do not force - this will only increase the child’s dislike foremployment
  • Try to negotiate - without it you still can not do when communicating with the child
  • Explain to the child why he needs to learn. The learning process sometimes requires a child effort that must be justified. You can try to cite as an example a dad who can read, or a beloved uncle who is good at counting.
  • Try turning a lesson into a game. Today, we will show you an example of how we develop a child and train him in a rather complicated game in the game.
  • Remember that the present development and the sense of pleasure from the process for the child are closely related.

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