Diet Pierre Ducane: Star Experience

The famous French nutritionist Pierre Dukan helped many readers of his book. And Hollywood stars are no exception. The list of clients includes such celebrities as the Duchess Kate Middleton, singer Jennifer Lopez, actress Penelope Cruz, model Gisele Bündchen, president of the French Republic Francois Hollande. On the example of the stars, the editors of Woman’s Day will tell you exactly how the Dukan method helped in the fight against weight.
Diet of Pierre Ducane
Pierre Ducane
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In the middle of March, a famous dietician Pierre Ducane visited Moscow, the author of a four-phase diet for those who cannot lose weight. Ducan told in detail and showed what it is necessary to eat, so that the diet brings only positive emotions, and also noted that the instincts of reproduction and self-preservation are the main reasons for a person to lose weight.

When asked whether Pierre had advised celebrities, he replied: “And yet my diet is not the diet of the stars. This is just a mode. But I did not diet for the stars. I love stars very much, they give me an audience: through them people will recognize my methodology.I am a doctor, a doctor, and I need to bring health and well-being to people. And I thank the stars, they help me. It is like marketing. Only I do not cry the stars.

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