DIY Can Bulbs

Autumn is a time of year when it is especially important to create coziness at home and significantly raise your spirits. According to the experience of the Scandinavian countries, one of the best tools for creating comfort is light. Bright light, for example, strains eyesight, has an irritating and invigorating effect, and soft, warm light creates harmony, warmth and comfort. If you are inspired to do something yourself, then we recommend visiting a store where you will find a lot of hobby items.

Metal lights.

The warmest is the candle light, which gives peace of mind. Candles are usually made open, but you can also use them as an element of a homemade flashlight, giving the room an additional aesthetic appeal. The first thing to do is to find the original housing for the lamp.

The case of a homemade lamp can be made even from cans. Usually, this good enough in every home. Well, if the banks will be selected in different shapes and sizes.Such a composition will look much more attractive than from identical cans. It would not be superfluous to think about the possibility of hanging the lights by doing small holes for the wire on the sides of the cans.

After the cans for the lamps have been selected, they should be cleaned of labels and additional stickers. Next, you need to knock out patterns in the body. For this, the jar is filled with water and put in the freezer. After freezing water, you can easily knock out the contours in the hull, while the ice will perfectly serve as a substrate, deforming only in the place where the tin will break through. The drawings are usually selected according to the mood and taste individually, but the most popular are hearts, flowers, leaves and various ornaments.

After applying the pattern to the jar, you need to clean the body of the remnants of ice and dry well. Next, you can begin to paint the lamp, for these purposes a good spray paint in spray cans. After the paint dries, a candle is placed in the can. This flashlight pleases the eye not only with light, but also with a pattern.

Glass candlesticks.

If a lot of glass jars have accumulated at home, you can use them as homemade candlesticks. The preparation process is much easier than with cans. For decoration it is worth choosing water-based stained glass paints. Drawing such paints can be applied both from the inside and outside. Outside, the jar can also be pasted over with special stickers or simply wrapped with a rope to create a beautiful pattern.

Homemade candles.

Making entertainment for lanterns and candlesticks can be additional entertainment. For this may come up old candle ends. Additionally, you will need cotton thread, a container for melting wax and molds for candles (in the case of the manufacture of cans lanterns). Making candles, by the way, can quickly turn into a hobby.

In the manufacture of lanterns and candlesticks with their own hands not only the end result is pleasant, but also the process of creativity. Autumn evenings have numerous experiments, and a variety of options gives you complete freedom to create your own, unique, room design.

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