Do-it-yourself clay application for February 23

What are the only materials that children do not use, creating crafts for the holiday! In the course are paper, cardboard, salt dough, disposable plates, cloth and clay. Of all this, they gladly make greeting cards and souvenirs.

Day of the Defender of the Fatherland is not an exception. The children patiently and diligently create beautiful products to congratulate their dads and grandfathers. Offer them to make the original craftwork of clay - and they will gladly catch your idea.

 Plasticine application on February 23 with your own hands

Plasticine application for 23 February with your own hands

The craftwork for February 23 from plasticine can take the form of a volumetric souvenir or appliqué. The application for plasticine on February 23 is characterized by relative ease of manufacture: younger children will be able to cope with it, but even schoolchildren will surely like it.For the work you will need:

foil-coated silver cardboard;

red, black and green clay;

a molding board and a stack.

Let's start !

A sheet of cardboard is cut off in the form of a shield. This will be the basis of the craft.

We roll red and green balls from plasticine. Red lay out on the basis of the number "23" and the green at the bottom of the shield begin to lay a track.

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