Do-it-yourself decorative fireplace

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With the arrival of cold weather, the arrival of an overwhelming desire to make our home more comfortable. We will tell you how to make a miniature fireplace with your own hands, which will fill the house with warmth and comfort, besides, it is absolutely safe.

What we need:

  • Dense fabric
  • A few twigs
  • Foil
  • PVA glue
  • Brush
  • Stones
  • Garland

How to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands:

To begin with, we wrap each branch with foil.

Apply glue to the fabric, do not feel sorry for the glue, it should be well soaked.

Wrap a cloth around a sprig.

After the glue dries (preferably wait 24 hours), carefully cut the fabric along the branch, do not be afraid to cut the twig, it will no longer be useful to us.

Now the most interesting! We create the base of the fireplace.

Turn the garland on the net and voila!

If you make your own, feel free to send a photo.

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