Do-it-yourself tiling the stove

Furnace tiling

For facing suitable as a special construction glue, and cement mortar. Laying tile performs bottom-up, pay special attention to the first row, it should be perfectly smooth. The glue should be applied with a special notched trowel. The first tile is taken, a special glue is applied, then it is applied to the base and fixed. Then you need to check the tile for evenness with a level. We perform the same actions with the following tiles. It should be noted that each glued tile must be checked by level. If irregularities occur, after the glue dries, they can no longer be fixed. Excess glue protruding to the surface is immediately removed with a special narrow trowel. In those places of the stove where the tile does not fit, you will have to cut it with a tile cutter.After the work on the lining of the furnace will be completed, you need to wait a day for the glue to dry properly. The next day we proceed to grouting, use a plaster mortar and a rubber spatula for this, the excess solution is removed with a damp cloth. After a few hours you can wash the stove.
 Tiling the stove with your own hands
Facing the stove with a tile own hands
 Facing the oven with tiles with their own hands
 Facing the stove with your own tile
 Facing the stove with their own tiles

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