Double-sided cork pad mouse pad

Double-sided cork pad mouse pad- a master class, we do our own colorful mouse pad.

Materials and tools:

  1. cork mat;
  2. pen;
  3. stationery knife (special knife);
  4. paint and brush.

Step 1

Take a cork mat, you can buy it in a store, for example, IKEA, and cut a mat of the required shape and size out of it with a knife.

Step 2

Take a rug and paint with colors one side, you can choose a pattern or a pattern yourself - in this project they painted one side with bright and different colors, it turned out an abstract pattern. Leave it to dry the paint.

Step 3

After the paint has dried, turn over the mat and paint the other side. In this project, the other side was painted with two colors, dividing the mat in half diagonally.

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