Dream interpretation: dreamed of baking

The stove is a symbol of home and well-being. Dreams in which a Russian stove, oven or stove appears symbolize what is happening in everyday life and in the family. In addition, such dreams can talk about the attitude of people around you.

Female dream book

To melt or see a burning stove in a dream with reflections of flame foreshadows a woman of great luck. A hot stove speaks of being loved by others.

  • Cold stove - complex, entangled family relationships;

  • Cooking in the oven - trouble;

  • Broken stove - problems with children, illness.

The dream of the witch Medea

  • To see the stove in a dream - well-being and happiness in the family;

  • To kindle a fire is a passionate relationship;

  • Cold oven - loneliness, separation from loved ones.

Erotic dream book

The furnace foreshadows a meeting with a man who will leave a mark in your life. If the fire in the furnace will glow brightly, then the relationship will be passionate, and the novel will be stormy. If the oven is cold or you cannot melt it, you will not experience love for this person.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

  • Cooking on the stove or stove - you spend a lot of effort on the implementation of the plan, but you can not achieve the goal;

  • Food in the oven - will be an opportunity to relax in the circle of friends and relatives;

  • The stove-keeper puts the stove in - to the chagrin;

  • Bask at the stove - a long journey, separation from loved ones.

The dream of the medium Hasse

  • Hot stove - respect;

  • To dream in a furnace without a fire is a loss;

  • A beautiful stove is a great deal;

  • Baking bread itself - to control fate;

  • Watching how bread is baked is a major event.

Esoteric dream book

If you saw in a dream how a stove-maker works, you may have started a business in which you will need help. A dream, in which you put the oven yourself, signals your incompetence in a new project or that the started business is beyond your power.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

  • Cheerful crackling logs in the oven - you have excellent relationships with loved ones, you are loved and appreciated;

  • Cooled down - take care of family and friends, they need your help;

  • Dirty or destroyed - there will come a series of quarrels and conflicts, hold on to emotions and show restraint;

  • Stoke the stove in a dream - you are trying to smooth the quarrel between loved ones;

  • Extinguished the fire in the furnace - you do not show proper attention to the started business or project, you need to apply more effort.

Dream Miller

Dreams, in which a sleeping person sees a furnace or stove, are primarily important for women. They reflect their mental and physical condition. A hot stove stove speaks about family welfare - you have nothing to worry about, your husband, children, and close relatives love you. Cooking in the oven will cause disappointment and a number of minor problems. Burning on a stove in a dream is a betrayal of a husband or a loved one.

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