Dream Interpretation: what it means to see a fire in a dream

Among the worst night visions, one cannot ignore the fire. In a dream and in reality such a sight makes you shudder. It inspires animal horror and fear. Not surprisingly, if you dreamed of a fire that engulfed a building, forest, field, or other place, you would like to know what this could mean. In fact, this image has many interpretations, and each dream book gives it its own meaning. In order not to be mistaken in decoding, it is worth remembering all the details that accompanied this dream. Then you can understand exactly what signs the subconscious gave you.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book

The significance of the fire, seen in a dream, according to Tsvetkov’s dream book has several interpretations:

  • quarrels with a lover / lover or relatives;
  • quarrels with friends;
  • misunderstandings;
  • disappointments;
  • dreams that are not destined to be fulfilled.

To see how a strong burn remains on the body after the fire - to obtain a bad reputation. Fire with smoke dreams to danger and risk.If the flame grows in a furnace, then it promises you getting material wealth and wealth. Another interpretation has a dream in which you see fire rising straight from the ground. It threatens diseases and afflictions.

Feel in the nightly dreams that the flame burns you - to new acquaintances, pleasant and exciting news, friendship with a good person. To be in the hell - to get an influential patron. The flame to the sky promises good luck in all endeavors and well-being.

On a note! But to see in a dream a fire in which you burn yourself means vices, illnesses, afflictions, poor health, a series of misfortunes and unhappiness in your personal life.

According to the dream book Hasse

To dream about a fire in the Hasse dream book means something good and positive. Such a symbol is positive. If you dream of a fire in the house - wait for the good. Someone powerful and domineering will protect you and bring benefit to your life. Watching the night dreams on the fire - to the good news. A large amount of smoke is a symbol of positive, long-awaited news.

According to the dream book of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic dream book interprets a fire seen in a dream, as a symbol of great happiness and prosperity in the future.It is also a sign that embodies:

  • true friends;
  • health;
  • happy relationship with the second half.

According to the Modern Dream Book

This dream book interprets these nightly images as something negative, bearing an evil and negative character. The element of fire in this interpretation has the meaning of a serious threat to the health and life of a person, destruction, misfortune. It is believed that fire is a reflection of your real life. That is why it is very important to remember all the details seen in night dreams.

On a note! Burn in a dream - go bankrupt, burn in your affairs, suffer a complete defeat and a fiasco in any undertakings.

If you dream of a fire with smoke, this means scandal and quarrels. If everything around is shrouded in red, then the tiff will occur due to feelings and overwhelming emotions. When everything is enveloped in yellow smoke, at the heart of the scandal is treason.

On small Veles' dream book

To dream of a fire in the summer is a good, kind sign, promising:

  • material wealth;
  • happiness;
  • mutual love;
  • wedding

On a note! Everything else, such a dream foretells good weather. In the summer after such night dreams, one can hope for hot and sunny days, which will soon be established for a long time.

If you dream of such a dream in winter, it acquires a radically different color and predicts illness, loss, efforts, fights, quarrels in the family, death, headache in the literal and figurative sense. As for the weather, what is seen promises hard frosts.

See that the city is burning - to long-lasting diseases, wars, famine. The house is on fire - to unusual news that you will not immediately understand and realize. Watch the flame extinguish strangers - to good news. To put out the fire yourself - to the trouble. You have a big and difficult job that takes a lot of time, effort and nerves. You will languish from the heat or cold in the cold. There is a risk that you will become a victim of fraudsters and thieves.

By Gypsy Dream Book

This interpretation of what he saw in a dream cannot be interpreted unequivocally. It all depends on how the fire was. If the flame is bright, clear, clear, positive changes are coming. Social status will be higher. There will be a change of housing.

If the fire knocks with smoke, it is dirty, makes you gasp and causes disgust in the dreamer, the image warns of scandals, imminent illnesses, problems.

According to Freud's dream book

Find out what the dream of a fire, and you can Freud's dream book.It is necessary to make a reservation at once: this interpreter of night dreams in their interpretations is based on psychoanalysis. Everything you see can be deciphered through the prism of sex and sex. He associates fire and fire with the feelings and emotions of human nature. Therefore, to see the flames raging in the house is a symbol of powerful sexual attraction. If the fire diverges in all directions, then the passion completely absorbed you. When you see only coals that barely smolder, it is a sign of emotions and desires that are fading away.

To extinguish the fire - to the difficulties and problems associated with intimate life. If you dream that you are in a burning building, this is a sign of fear that is associated with your sex life. You are afraid to be untenable in the sexual sphere, to be ridiculed and disgraced. Strongly doubt in general in their intimate abilities.

According to Catherine the Second

The fire seen from a dream can also be interpreted according to Catherine II’s dream book. Such an image promises carnal obsession, passion and long-awaited changes. If the flame went from a candle in the house - to betrayal and spat. To quench it is a symbol of the fear of the changes that are happening in your destiny.You missed a good opportunity to fix something in your life and turn it into another, happier and more successful course. This means your inertia, passivity and weakness.

Note! Dreams that you burned the building with your own hands, a symbol of change. You are not fundamentally satisfied with the current state of affairs, and therefore you are looking for new opportunities, another job, breaking off relationships that have become obsolete, are moving to another city or country.

According to Miller's dream book

According to Miller’s dream book, to see fire in night dreams is a complex symbol that can be interpreted in two ways from both the positive and negative sides. To correctly decipher what you see, you need to try to catch the emotions, mood, feelings that you experienced in a dream.

If you dreamed of a fire with human victims, then this image foreshadows trouble with your loved ones, illness of relatives. But the burning building is not such a bad sign. He can predict:

  • moving to a new place of residence;
  • positive changes in life;
  • repairs;
  • transition to a new job.

In general, the image carries the mood of change and purification, leaving the old, getting rid of unnecessary and pulling down.So everything is not so bad.

According to the dream of Longo

Decipher such a dream can be otherwise. The interpreter Longo associates such images with emotions that are negative, destructive. Someone from outsiders is negatively disposed towards your relatives, friends or relatives. Try to find a compromise with those who oppose you. Otherwise, minor misunderstandings will grow into grandiose scandals.

Seeing in the nightly dreams that someone else is putting out the flames means unkind news. Something bad will happen, and the reason will lie in your actions and words.

If you dreamed that you were running from the fire element, it speaks of your attempts to get away from the problem, insults and quarrels. But this is not the most correct way to solve the situation. It is better to talk with an opponent and find a way that will satisfy both sides of the conflict.

According to the French dream book

And what does it mean to dream of a fire on the French dream book? This interpreter of nightly dreams deciphers such images as a symbol of great misfortune. But grief you need to meet proudly, with dignity and courage. If you dream that flames are raging around, but it bypasses your home, this is a positive sign. All your efforts and works will be seen and evaluated in the highest possible way.

According to Wangi's dream book

In the interpreter Vanga fire is given the original meaning. To properly evaluate what you see, you need to remember the color of the flame, smells, smoke.

If the fire disperses with caustic burning and thick smoke, but as a result everything goes without victims, it means that someone spreads dirty words about you. Behind weave intrigues and plotting.

When the fire engulfed everything around, it is a negative sign. He promises summer drought, famine, disease and unhappiness.

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