Aztec Sun Earrings

According to this master class, you can make bright earrings that will remind you of summer days, and in cloudy weather they will cheer up. Materials and tools: - Japanese “pipe” beads Miyuki Delica or Toho Treasures 11 sizes of 4 colors: red, orange, yellow and white; - needle for beadwork no thicker than 12 size; - thread for beadwork, for example, FireLine, Nymo and others; - scissors or blade; - fasteners; - flat tank for beads with sides.
Materials and Tools
Progress: While working, we need to carefully monitor the color arrangement.
 layout of colors
The most convenient way to print it and cross out the woven rows. Also pay attention to the size of the beads - even in Japanese is very rare, but there are those that do not correspond in size to the rest. We collect beads for the central (main) row of earrings starting from 2 white - it should be located approximately in the middle of the working thread.Since the mosaic technique used in this work requires an even number of rows, and in the scheme it is odd, the last horizontal row will be added later.
 color scheme
More convenient weave when the beads are woven to the next row from top to bottom, so the work will constantly roll over.
 string beads
Sticky pr and this is not to confuse the rows in the diagram.
 color arrangement
So, in the upper part of the thread are white and red beads. We put on another white bead and pass through the red from the previous row.
 we string beads
We tighten the thread, pick up another white bead and go through the white bead - the 4th from above in the initial row.
stringing beads
In the same way we finish the whole row. We have a “mosaic”, in each row of which the beads are 2 times smaller than in the central one. Check the thread tension throughout the row - the beads should lie tight.We turn the weaving over so that the thread coming out of the white bead of the main row is at the top again.
 string beads
Do not be intimidated if the row is slightly twisted - because the second side of the thread not fixed, at the beginning of the weaving the canvas “plays a little”. Further rows will fix it and the curvature will go away. We collect the orange bead and pass the thread into the orange bead of the previous row, which stands above the main row.
 we string beads
Tighten the thread and type the whole row in the same way.
color arrangement
Reversing the canvas.  string beads
Similarly pletom all ranks before the painting begins to narrow. To bring the thread into the bead of the series just woven by us, we pass the needle first through the neighboring bead from the previous lower row, and from it to the second bead from the one where the weaving should continue. continue weaving Tighten the thread, insert the needle into the bead next to the one from where the weaving should continue, and then into the right one for weaving, tighten it.
 necessary for weaving
The thread should be tightened a little more than before - so that it disappears between the beads. However, you need to do this carefully, so as not to break it. Now the thread comes out of the desired beads and you can continue weaving. The narrowing of each next row is done in the same way until this side of the earring is finished with 1 bead. If the thread is long enough, you can leave it to later weave it with the missing earring. If the thread is short, then you need to hide it, passing several times through the previous rows. The second side of the canvas is woven as well, but when the main part of the earring is completed, the thread is drawn through the white bead of the previous row to attach the earring. However, at first it is better to finish the missing extreme row of the canvas. To start work, the thread should come out of the first white bead of the last, at the moment row.In order to move the next row to half of the beads, we pass the needle under the thread, fastening the extreme beads of the existing row and tighten it - now when the tension is pulled, the thread is between them.
>img src="" alt="delaying" title="tightening">
Dialing 2 white beads and insert the needle under the thread between the 2nd and 3rd bead of the edge row.
 bead of the edge row
Then we pass the needle through the 2nd bead in the opposite direction and tighten the thread.
 bead in the opposite direction
Pick up another white bead, draw the needle under the thread between now the 3rd and 4th of the previous row and return it through the dialed.
 through typed
Similarly, we finish the entire series. Let us return to the last corner of the earrings where the fastener will be attached. The thread we have to go out of the penultimate row of white beads. We thread 5 more pieces and an iron and insert the needle into the bead from the other edge of the last but one row. We should have a loop of 5 beads and earrings,holding on to the base of 3 beads of linen earrings.
 beads of a sergka cloth
Tighten and pass through the beads of the base and the loop itself for reliability. We fix the thread and hide its tip in other beads of the canvas.
 earrings Aztec sun
Summer sunny earrings are ready.
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