Raising a child’s creative skills

Creativity is more than a product is a process. Interesting paintings by famous artists give food for thought as examples of creativity and purpose, creativity in an objective sense. But the most important thing in creativity is each individual person and the decisions that he makes while in the process. Drawing, modeling, writing poems, games and reflections develop communication skills with the outside world, and in some cases can be the main tool for such communication.

What is creativity? Art and music are common examples that immediately come to mind. But creative thought appears in almost all aspects of life - from how mother soothes a crying child to the high methods used by scientists to find a cure for the disease.

Creativity in young children

Children who amaze their teachers with unusual answers to questions or a subtle sense of humor think creatively. Even children who, perhaps, are inappropriate and unpredictable or so-called. inferior also think creatively.Because creative thought often runs counter to the established rules of strict classification. Adults often do not recognize the value of creative thinking in children. But all children sooner or later become adults, and it will be difficult for them to interact with the world, because doing things differently than everyone is often worse for them than not doing at all. Problems can not always be solved straightforwardly and routinely. Need creativity, courage. This boldness is laid in the child while drawing the first scribbles, you can imagine, so hurry to engage in creativity with children.

Encouraging creativity

Teachers and parents can help children learn to think and solve problems creatively, giving them the freedom to make mistakes and respect their ideas. This leads to greater mobility in the use of language, because children have to explain their ideas, model experiments themselves, without fear of failure. And what's more, they will have to anticipate failures as opportunities, and come up with workarounds. To solve a problem creatively, children must be able to see different points of view and form several solutions.When working on a problem, adults should teach young children to recognize options, build object, specific, structural differences between objects or processes. In addition, adults can encourage creative thought simply by providing:

  1. Choice.Children who are given a choice of smaller opportunities show more creativity than children who are provided with all the choices. However, if you do not give the child any clue, he will not be able to start - he will not be interested.
  2. Stimulations. For example, when showing an object in the shape of a crescent, you ask: "What can it be used for?" Children will exhaust their first mental images and begin to develop ideas based on what they see in their environment. Studies have shown that children who continue to look around in a classroom or playroom for more information use their creative abilities better. An environment that provides newness and variety greatly helps the development of creativity. The child will understand in time that the world prompts him to make decisions if he is well focused on the search.
  3. Time for play and fantasy.A simple game can be a great help before you start solving creative problems. The game makes the mind mobile and vigorous.
  4. SynecticsCombining two or more elements or methods together is called syectics. This can lead to very creative results. The process of sylectics can take various forms
  5. Independence(reasonably). Parents and teachers should encourage children to think and act without adults, but within the rules.
  6. Exposure to a diverse audience.Give children the opportunity to see and experience other cultures and lifestyles, acting skills, and teach children how to respect the choices of other people.
  7. Brainstorming.Encourage children to solve problems as a group, to freely express their ideas without fear of a negative reaction. Brainstorming can occur between a child and an adult, or between two or more children.

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