Eggs Divers

Materials and tools:

  1. eggs;
  2. plastic bottle caps;
  3. white paper;
  4. black marker;
  5. Super glue or hotmelt gun
  6. straws;
  7. scissors;
  8. colorful dyes for eggs;
  9. container (disposable plates);
  10. thin colored tape (tape)
  11. black foam (felt, felt, black paper).

Step 1

We take several disposable plates and plant in each of them colored dyes for eggs.

Dip about 1 / 3-1 / 4 eggs into the dye and leave to dry. We also paint other eggs in different colors.

Step 2

Now we need white paper, plugs and a marker.

Put the cork on paper, circle and cut out a circle. Glue the paper circle on the cork and draw an eye marker.

Next, glue the cork to the egg using super glue or hot glue gun.yolet Cut off a strip of colored tape and glue from one end of the lid, around the egg to the other.

The mask for the diver is ready. The same is repeated with other eggs.

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