Elegant bench around a tree of old chairs

The desire to arrange a recreation area in the shade of a spreading tree can be realized with several old chairs in the arsenal. Not superfluous will also be slats from pallets or wooden boxes for vegetables. Having put old furniture with new functionality, it is easy to get a graceful bench. The beauty of it is in a circular seat, which allows you to hide from the sun at any time.

For the realization of the idea, chairs with backs are optimally suited. They do not have to be 6. The main thing is that, together with the backs, they form an empty space that is larger than the diameter of the selected tree.

Since the design is designed for the street, from the soft cloth seats will have to get rid of.

After removing the seats, choose a flat platform and draw up the back frames of the chairs inside. It's time to make measurements and determine how long the slats are needed for the seats. Assuming that the chairs put together will form a circular construction, the sum of their angles should be equal to 360 degrees.Thus, at the point of docking, the angle of inclination on each individual rail is 60 degrees.

Having died out and cutting off the slats of the inner row, fasten them to the chairs with a hammer or screwdriver. At the end of one row proceed to the next, each time extending the slats. The angle of docking remains unchanged.

As a result, we get a collapsible design, which can only be painted in the chosen color and moved under the tree.

To connect the chairs into a single whole we make the fastening according to the principle of braces. This will allow fixing the structure and connecting the legs next to the chairs.

We place the chairs around the tree, we join them, we join them to each other and lightly fall asleep the junction with earth or mulch.

Our bench is ready. Since the structure is easily disassembled and assembled, it can last no season.

Date: 09.10.2018, 09:05 / Views: 44271

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