Pillow with embroidery "Cutebearcubs"

Pillow with embroidery "Cute Bears"- these touching patterns for embroidery are created on the basis of original drawings by Andre Longhorn and will surely please your children, will be a great decoration for the children's room.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. creamy white fabric 30x60cm;
  3. cotton fabric with blue pattern 81x61cm;
  4. wide white zigzag braid 200cm;
  5. white zipper, 36cm;
  6. filler for pillow 36x36cm.


Step 1

Getting Started

Cut out two pieces of 30x30 cm from Evenweave fabric. On each of them you will embroider one design with teddy bears. Fold each piece in half in two directions to find the center, and begin to embroider from this point - this ensures that the patterns are positioned correctly on the fabric.


The main design elements are made in two filament yarns through two yarns of fabric.When the main patterns are embroidered, you can proceed to the design of the background stitches with a cross in one thread. The sky and the outer parts of the grass are drawn in such a way that they create an illusion of the depth of the picture. When embroidering these areas, also watch for stitch counting to avoid confusion.

Performance details

When you have completed all the full stitches, proceed to embroidering the details with backstitch stitches. The color of the yarns for backstitch stitches is darker than the color of the stitches for cross stitching on the areas they contour, so it is important that you carefully cut them.

After finishing off the stitches "back needle", decorate the antennae of the butterflies with French knots into one orange thread. Try to keep the knots small and tight, then the embroidery will look more elegant.

Making a cushion shell

To sew a cute pillow for a child’s room (you can see on the previous page), follow these step-by-step instructions.


When the embroidery is ready, wash and iron the fabric, and then cut it into two 20x20 cm squares so that the designs are in their centers.

Remove the following details from the cotton fabric with a pattern: Before: two 20x20 cm squares.

Backdrop: two details of 20x38 cm.

Assemble the front cushions, leaving a 1.5 cm seam allowance on all sides.

Put the face-up in front of the cushion on a flat surface and pin the zig-zag braid to its edges. Position the tape so that it protrudes 1.5 cm beyond the raw edge of the fabric. &Nbsp;

The beginning and end of the webbing should be in the center of the lower edge of the front of the pillow. Laying the braid in the corners, gently shape the folds.

Instead of cutting the edges of the braid — because of this, the angle is thick — turn them at a right angle so that they overlap the edge of the front of the pillow.

Now sweep the ribbon 6 mm from the bottom edge so that it is securely fastened and does not move when the cushion shell is made.

Assembling the cushion shell

Carefully sew a zipper between the two parts. Unzip the zipper partially. Fold the front and back cushions face-to-face, then stitch around the perimeter. Remove the casing in place, iron and fill the filler in it. Now you have to find the child whom you will make happy with this gift, — well, or an adult who adores teddy bears.

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