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Every birthday I dream the same dream.

I am recovering in the full moon to my grandmother. For me come the seven ghosts in black cloaks and with braids. They are the zombies of my relatives. They become pale, almost white skin and red eyes with small pupils. They haunt me all over the house. And each time, it became terrible for me, when someone in a hoarse voice said to me: "Dasha-Dasha! Come here! Come to me!". They said it to me with some kind of cloying and false caress. The first two times I responded and walked, and then I saw from a third person how cruelly and slowly they killed me. Usually, I see everything in the first person. And yes, I always got complete freedom of action in this very house. I wanted to hide, and I hide. I want to run and I run. And these dreams are so real that it’s scary to think about it. I want to ask, what does this mean? And can I get rid of it? These nightmares have haunted me since I was eight.
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Northern owlet
Northern owlet
Answered on March 28, 2015 00:15
Maybe some kind of negative childhood memory that your mind suppressed, but the subconscious mind remembers? If the nightmare really repeats, then you need to work with a psychologist, perhaps the problem will emerge during conversations.
I do not know. Nothing such fatal happened to me.
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Northern owlet
Northern owlet
You may not remember, it may be some kind of memory from a very early childhood, perhaps something scared you.
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Very strange.

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