Examples and significance of tattoos on the wrist

Tattoos have not lost their popularity for several millennia. Once, only the elect, people of high ranks and classes, could adorn their bodies with their bodies. Today, the fashion for tattoos has become a real art with a variety of techniques, styles and fashion trends. Images or phrases on the inside of the hand are especially attractive for girls, because the drawings on this part of the body add some piquancy.

What can be a tattoo on the hands and what they mean?

Decorating your arm with a tattoo is a rather bold decision, and agreeing to such a step, you need to understand that the design you choose will always be in sight.

Before you approve the sketch with the master, it will not be superfluous to know what your chosen phrases, symbols, or pictures mean. The most popular among the fair sex are:

  1. Stars. Such an image means that the girl’s life is diverse, she is always open to various changes. Starfish talk about self-confidence.Stars with six ends can be seen among the representatives of Judaism; eight-pointed ones demonstrate a self-sufficient personality, whose life is full of bright colors.
  2. Birds. This sign is most often chosen by creative, romantic natures who are constantly in search of inspiration. Soaring birds - a sign of lightness and even carelessness. Tattoo in the form of several small birds for girls will be a highlight, which speaks of tenderness.
  3. Symbols, single words and signs. Such options can be both single and doubles. Examples of paired drawings are halves of the heart, identical inscriptions (the name of any / beloved child), phrases whose words begin on the hand of one person and end on the hand of another person. Individual application may consist of a heart testifying to love, a swallow or a pigeon, which will tell about the devotion of their mistress to the chosen one.
  4. A bracelet. This unusual and rather bold type of tattoo on the wrist is considered a very strong sign, able to protect its owner from all sorts of misfortunes and problems. The bow on the bracelet says that the girl wants to emphasize her sexuality, and the pen will be a demonstration of a strong character and love of freedom.
  5. Crown.Photos of such sketches can be found in huge quantities, but they are all a sign of power and superiority. Each girl considers herself at least a little queen, because such a drawing will point to a person who is different in love for herself and the desire for leadership.
  6. Phrases. This is a great way for a girl to demonstrate her attitude to life, herself and the world around her. The inscriptions on the wrist can have several options:
    • Religious. They are taken from sacred books and often they carry a deep philosophical meaning.
    • Dedication Phrases that contain the names of loved ones and appeal to them.
    • Memorable. These tattoos consist of important dates or events in life, imprinted on the inside of the hand.
    • Aphorisms. Famous sayings, proverbs or sayings.

Once upon a time it was possible to learn about the profession of a person from the images on the wrist, but today it is a great way of self-expression, with which women can express themselves.

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