Fabric and seashell photo frame

You hardly know a man who does not like the sea. And it does not matter, it is the one who regularly goes to the resorts, visited there at least once in his life or only dreams of warm waves and golden sand under his feet. What is brought home from the sea? Souvenirs, bronze tanning, seashells from the coast and, of course, unforgettable memories of the rest in numerous photographs. And so that they constantly warmed their sunny heat even in winter, it is enough to choose one of the brightest ones and place it in your own made frame from the seashells collected on the beach. So, what do you need to create an original frame of seashells? 1. Three metal hangers for metal profiles for the frame with stand. 2. Thick cardboard, it is possible from a usual box to make a basis. 3. A rag of fabric with a sea print or as a vest. 4. Seashells of various shapes and sizes that you have. 5. The page with the film from the old album to insert photos. 6. A piece of foil and cardboard of medium thickness to make an anchor. 7.Beads, decorative small flowers, bows - what you want to decorate the composition. If you have all this in your household, find the necessary tools for the job - scissors, a needle and thread, a pen or pencil, and also PVA glue. Nothing more than creativity and assiduity, you will not need. Therefore, you can proceed without delay to pleasant needlework. Take metal hangers, which often remain after repairs using drywall. If you do not know what it is, ask your husband, he will help. In the absence of such parts, you can buy them cheaply in the nearest hardware store. From these laths make about such a frame as in the photo.
Take metal suspensions
You can experiment and come up with something of your own. They bend very easily even with their hands, but in order to get a solid construction, it is desirable to press the pliers well at the joints of the side racks and partitions. From the fabric, cut several long strips up to ten centimeters wide.
cut several long strips
Tightly wrap your metal frame with these pieces,to completely hide it, leaving only the stand behind. When one flap is finished, fasten it with several stitches using a needle and thread, then take the next one and continue further until you get what you want.
dangle your metal frame
From cardboard, cut a rectangle or a square a little wider and taller in size, five centimeters than the fabricated frame. But not necessarily, in this case any form is allowed, even asymmetric. Make a suitable hole for the photo in the cardboard blank. It should be smaller than the photo itself.
cut a rectangle or a square
On the back side of the card, attach a pocket for a picture that can be taken from an old unnecessary photo album. Put it on the glue, and for reliability walk around the edges with duct tape. If there is no film pocket, make it out of plain paper, but in this case the photo will not be protected from dust.
attach pocket
Liberally apply glue to the cardboard on the front side, lean the frame carefully,covered with a cloth, press and lay under the press for half an hour. When they stick together, you can start decorating.
you can start decorating
Draw an anchor on the cardboard, cut it, transfer exactly the same pattern on the foil, you can cut it from the cigarette pack, and cut it too. Glue them together.
Draw an anchor on cardboard
Place an anchor anywhere on the frame, preferably below. Spread the shells to choose the most beautiful ones and to orient yourself around what you will do with them.
 Place the anchor anywhere on the frame
It is important that the shells are dry, otherwise they won't hold. Create from them a patterned placer, copiously covering the cardboard and fabric surfaces of the future frame with them.
 Place anchor anywhere in the frame
So that they are firmly and quickly pasted, when placed on cardboard, just on his, and for fixing on the fabric - smear shells.
patterned placer
When you like the resulting picture, you can stop. Or take the extra beads in the house, beads or flowers and add a composition. If you use them moderately and with taste, the frame will turn out very spectacular and unusual. In any case, no one else will have such a decor, but a photo from a holiday in an exclusive handmade frame will decorate your home, fill it with comfort and delight you with pleasant emotions.
Frame for photos from fabric and seashells

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