Fabric beads

How nice to have beautiful and original jewelry that no one else has. And if you make them yourself, then wear such jewelry is doubly pleasant. I want to share my master class on making beads from beads and fabric that I made for myself. I hope you like them too. For this we take: a little cloth, beads large and small, felt, decorative cord, clasp (sold in sewing shops), sintepon. Design and color of beads can be any. I had a Scotch cloth and to her I picked up brown beads, a bard felt and a brown string.  Beads from the fabric
Rectangular piece of fabric is folded in half or cut from it small rectangles, which fold in half. Sew them on the machine on the opposite side of the fold. Rectangles with sides of about 2 - 2.5 and 3.5 - 4 cm are obtained. Then we trim another side and turn it out. We fill the rectangle with a padding polyester and sew it up. Rollers are obtained.Such rollers need 7 pieces.
 Beads from fabric
Cut small flowers from felt, 1 cm in diameter. It will take 14 colors.
 Beads from fabric
Now let's start collecting beads. We put a red thread or thin fishing line into the needle and collect the beads in the following order: small bead - felt flower - roller - felt flower - small bead - large bead - small bead - felt flower, etc.
 Beads from fabric
The little bead should be the last one again. But before putting the last beads on the line from both sides, we sew a waxed cord. It will take about 80-100 cm long cord. Cut the cord into two equal parts, and then fold them in half. We sew to the beads from two ends.
 Beads from fabric
Then we put a bead on the cord and tie a knot. Two or two beads can be fixed two centimeters in the same way.
 Cloth beads
Felt flowers bristling not very nicely, so you can sew them gently and imperceptibly to the rollers with a simple red thread . Now tie the clasp.The beads are ready.
Cloth beads
 Beads from fabric
Beads from 6 rollers and 5 large beads are not very long - just below the jugular fossa (depressions between the clavicle). If you want beads longer, you just need to use more details. Long beads can also be decorated with a flower or a bow of fabric and felt in tone.
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