Fabric Frog Princess

Master class toys princess frogs made of cloth. The product is 11 cm high and made in ground textile technology. -lyagushki-iz-tkani.jpg "alt =" princess princess frogs "title =" princess frog from the fabric ">
For the execution we take the following materials: - dense, monophonic tissue of green color.- scissors. - pencil. - two kinds of beads. - a needle with a thread. - a filler for a toy. - acrylic paints. - brushes for paints. - helium black pen. - a little paint of gold color. - a piece of foam rubber. - a sewing machine. - glue suitable for fabric. - make-up shadows. Before starting any work, draw a template for a future frog, cut out the template. The height with the crown will be 13 cm, and the width about 11 cm. There are front and back legs.  princess frogs made of cloth So that the frog can sit, we have a dart at the bottom. And according to the templates of green fabric, we cut out all the details in two pieces, not forgetting to make allowances for the fabric for the seam. At the bottom of the incision mark the place that we will not be stashed.We start typing.
 princess frogs made of cloth
Then gently turn out all the details, smoothly straighten. In the lower paws, we make an additional small incision in the middle, capturing only one layer of fabric.
 princess frogs made of cloth
Now take any filler and fill the toy. Let's start with the paws. In the front you need quite a bit to increase only the palms. And the back ones are also not tightly filled.
 princess frogs made of cloth
But we fill the whole base of the toy tightly.
 princess frogs made of cloth
Then we sew up a little green side seam with a thread of green color and then tuck it on both sides. It is a cross-shaped seam.
 princess frogs made of cloth
Now let's move on to small snags. First, with a pencil, draw a line separating the head from the crown. Then we outline two rounded lines emphasizing the shape of the frog tummy. We apply them from two sides in a mirror image.And then we sew small stitches from the green color completely through the whole toy, slightly tightening the seam.
 princess frogs made of cloth
On the lower legs we sew a hole for filling. And for accuracy of work, we cut a strip of fabric from small segments and glue it neatly.
 princess frogs made of cloth
For the bottom of the toy to be well processed, you should also attach strips of cloth.
princess frogs from the fabric
Now it’s left to sew on the legs so that the frog sits on its own. You should first try everything, place it.
 princess frogs made of cloth
Next, go to the drawing of the muzzle of the toy. We outline all the details with a pencil. We draw a wide mouth with a tongue sticking out, a nose with nostrils, large bulging eyes with eyelashes.
 princess frogs made of cloth
And turn to staining. We take the green paint, add a little brown and with the help of a piece of foam rubber we paint the upper part of the head to the mouth, around the eyes.We will touch all the paws a little.
 princess frogs made of cloth
A backrest can be painted over almost completely.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/15/1369-carevny-lyagushki-iz-tkani.jpg" alt="princess frogs of cloth" title="princess frogs of cloth">
Now we paint the eye iris with a brush with yellow paint.
 princess frogs made of cloth
And put dots all over the bodies frogs, not necessarily clearly round. princess frogs made of cloth Next we continue to outline the eyeballs with white paint. And the red tab.
 princess princess frogs
Yellow in front, you should outline the tummy in the frog. And also with white shadows for make-up to tint the middle of all the transfer toys. -lyagushki-iz-tkani.jpg "alt =" princess frogs made of cloth "title =" princess frogs made of cloth "> Only the crown remained unpainted and it needs to be made golden with paint.
princess frogs from fabric
In the meantime, the eyes have dried up. Now draw a black pen around the outline of the face and paint the pupils with paint.Eyes add cilia.
 princess princess frogs
It remains only to add shadows around the eyes and nose with a pencil. And a little more at the mouth and tongue.
 princess frogs made of cloth
Next you will need to sew small beads on the legs, on every corner. And on the crown, it is advisable to pick up long golden beads.
 princess frogs made of cloth
These toys are souvenirs, so you can use different inscriptions. To write on the stomach with a helium pen. And our frogs are ready for this.
 princess frogs of cloth
Good luck to all!
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