Fans dissatisfied with the appearance of Julia Kovalchuk

Fans of Russian celebrities, usually with a bang, accept any tricks of their favorites, were unhappy with the self-portraits of Yulia Kovalchuk.
Julia Kovalchuk
Julia Kovalchuk
Photo: "Instagram" Julia Kovalchuk

Yulia Kovalchuk, who made herself a short vacation in Barcelona, ​​regularly uploads her self-portraits at the wheel, on the beach and in a hotel to Instagram. But contrary to expectations, the artist receives fewer compliments from fans; one of the last shots of Kovalchuk provoked a flurry of criticism from women. Yulia was told that girls with a “heavy jaw and a large, rough mouth” are contraindicated in lower angles that highlight their shortcomings. Advisors were not embarrassed by the completely informal nature of the picture, in their opinion, the public person must look good both at the social events and at the Spanish beach.

Note that Kovalchuk is not the only Russian celebrity who is regularly attacked by fans.Dancer Anastasia Volochkova spread a real serpentarium in her Instagram: her subscribers meet almost any photo of the star with a wave of malicious comments.

Date: 09.10.2018, 09:59 / Views: 73463

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