Fashionable summer skirts for all women (19 photos)

When it is warm outside and the bright, long-awaited sun shines, it is extremely difficult to make yourself sit at home. Because nature itself calls us to perform feats and fill life with positive emotions. Beautiful clothes are able to cheer up, change the appearance and even change the opinion of people about us. Therefore, it is important for girls to prepare in advance for the holiday season, and for this you need to update your summer wardrobe. In it must appear fashionable summer skirts 2013.

Women can be divided conditionally into those that literally every day wear different styles of skirts and those who last wore a skirt in elementary school. It is safe to say that all women wear skirts.

They transform us and change us for the better. Therefore, if you refuse to wear such clothes because of insecurity and complexes, immediately stop doing this. For each figure you can find the perfect skirt. Summer is created to change us for the better.And now there is such a variety of styles of skirts that you can combine them both in your favorite sports style, and in the classical.

Styles 2013

The advantage of any skirt is that it can be safely considered as a basic thing. That is, thanks to only one skirt, you can create more than a dozen different images. As you understand, buying skirts is even profitable. This is especially important in the summer when we all want to buy as much as possible.

In the summer of 2013, a few unusual styles and colors of skirts will be fashionable for us. But, after all, summer is the most suitable time for experiments, so use it to the maximum. Epatage fades into the background, classic styles are returned, so that even the most strict women of fashion can find something interesting for themselves.


Unfortunately, in the summer we have to go to work. This somewhat darkens our lives, especially if at this time friends and acquaintances are enjoying their holidays. But you can cheer yourself up by buying a brand new summer pencil skirt that you can wear to work and romantic walks. This summer will be fashionable long classic skirts.

Pay attention to the light colors of this skirt: beige, white, powder. By the way, the pencil skirt in the summer of 2013 does not have to be worn with blouses and shirts. It is much more interesting to look like a skirt with a bright top without sleeves.

Straight lines

If for some reason you don’t want to wear a pencil skirt, you can buy yourself a long skirt with a straight cut. Only it should not be banal. A simple cut should be transformed with a beautiful fabric, such as silk and transparent chiffon. That is, you get a mix of classic cut and frank transparency. Of course, “shorts” at work should not shine, but proudly walk through the streets of the city is quite acceptable.


Long time this style was not popular. This summer, all the lush and airy will be relevant. The volume and airiness of the skirts can be achieved thanks to the style (for example, a bell skirt or a tulip) or by using ruffles, a large number of skirt layers. Oborki, lace, fringe - all this is characteristic of such skirts.

It should be fixed on the waist with a wide belt and extend to the bottom. Color should be gentle and calm. Do not forget that this style is not very suitable for full girls, as it can increase the ass several times.


Of course, some men are skeptical of this style, as they completely hide the girls' seductive legs. Summer skirt should be light, so no denim long skirts in your wardrobe should not be.

Perhaps the only innovation that appeared in the long skirts of 2013, compared with last year, is asymmetry. Short skirts with a long train look elegant and feminine. Especially in combination with open summer sandals. Having picked up a stylish top to such a skirt, you will get a luxurious outfit to attend a solemn event.

With smell

This summer, the smell takes pride of place on many styles. Skirts with the smell give sexuality, as they can embellish the legs. Such options should not be narrow, the presence of folds is permissible. For a wrap skirt to look luxurious, it should not be short. Sometimes a similar skirt can somehow resemble oriental kimono. And she must have a low waist.


Lacy - look unusual. They can be worn not only by royal persons, but also ordinary women. Such chic clothes can be worn literally every day.The most interesting will look like skirts, which combine lace and transparent guipure. Well, just a mega sexy wardrobe item. The color of these options can be both calm and bright. But from the combination of two contrasting colors in one skirt is better to refuse, at least until next summer.


In the summer it is necessary to parade legs. Yes, and in hot weather we want to wear a minimum amount of things. Therefore, ultrashort options are not out of fashion again. Leather skirts will look especially challenging. Of course, with such a style it is worth being extremely careful, as one incorrect part of the image can make you vulgar. The miniskirt should be bright, it is possible to use peas and a cage as drawings.

Special features

Despite the fact that most of the skirts presented in the collections of designers are presented in bright colors, this summer we will not be deprived of madness. Appliqués, snake skin, lace, sequins and folk embroidery are the main decorative elements that can be used to decorate skirts. By the way, do not forget about the floral print.

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