Fashionable swimsuits: on the crest of a wave

In the wardrobe of a real fashionista and a girl who just watches her appearance, there are always only fashionable and relevant items of clothing. The same goes for swimwear. Some mistakenly believe that the fashion for them from season to season does not change. In fact, to buy swimwear 2014 is just necessary to be on the wave of popularity in the new beach season.

Topical fashion models

That swimsuit can be attributed to the most important summer attributes. It should be presented in the wardrobe in several styles, colors. The 2014 season will be full of both separate and joint swimsuits. Moreover, the palm will still have the latest models.

In the color gamut welcome shades of gold and silver, ultramarine, as well as delicate pink. It is important to observe the line and choose a model that would look festive and bright, but at the same time modest and not too provocative. One-color swimsuits come into fashion, but this does not mean that only they will rule with fashion points.

Prints as an element of decor

Animal colors, namely zebra, leopard, tiger, for many seasons in a row remain at the peak of popularity. Indeed, the Italian swimsuits of 2014, created using these prints, look effects and very beautiful. These colors swimsuits are ideal for young girls with a good figure. In such a bathing suit, girls become true seducers.

Floral and abstract prints are incredibly fashionable in the new season. Of the drawings, preference is given to strip and peas, exotic plants and even fruit. You just have to carefully choose the picture, because when an appetizing strawberry walks along the beach, it can be difficult to fight off obsessive fans.

The trend of the next season will be unusual combinations. For example, fabric polka dots and fabrics with stripes in one swimsuit. Designers try to play with textures, so you can find models of one suit, where the bottoms have a strip as the pattern, and the upper part - polka dots. This is a very fashionable design move and such options will be extremely expensive. Therefore, if you want to be original, but do not spend a lot of money, you can buy two different swimsuits and independently combine its parts.Look fashionable, original and elegant even on the beach!

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