Features of the manicure

The beauty industry offers new modern developments, interesting ideas for achieving maximum effect. Along with the well-known classic manicure, other, new or time-tested, safer options are offered. They are made without cutting the cuticle, are divided into manual and mechanized.

Hardware Manicure

In the world of speed and quick solutions, not everyone has time for a complete classic manicure. Many seek to get well-groomed hands in the shortest possible time. Important and safety procedures. In this case, hardware manicure will help. It is carried out on dry skin, does not require preliminary steaming. This saves time.

After processing the nails with a special tool, the whole further process is performed using various nozzles of the machine. The latter rotate with a large (10-12 thousand rpm) speed. The master can only control grinding, polishing the nail. The advantages of such a manicure include:

  • high level of safety and hygiene;
  • the lack of a cutting tool determines the accuracy and delicacy of the procedure;
  • the skin grows slower than with the trimming method;

Manicure traditions of different parts of the world

European manicure is a safe and painless manual option. When you hold it, the skin around the nail is not clipped, as in the classic. It is softened with the help of special products based on lactic or fruit acids. Next, the surface of the nail is polished and polished, applied nourishing and moisturizing compositions. This procedure is the best solution for beauties with thin skin or shallow location of blood vessels.

Japanese manicure is a real ceremony of beauty and relaxation. Its advantages:

  • is indicated for various problems with the nails;
  • suitable for women and men;
  • combines nail care with massage elements;
  • with proper execution, provides a lasting effect.

The whole procedure is aimed at improving the condition, strengthening and gloss of the horn plate.Its volume is determined by the master and depends on the characteristics of the client's nails. When carrying out Japanese manicure, only natural ingredients are used: jasmine oil, rose, jojoba, cucumber extract, etc. The duration of the procedure is up to 1.5 hours.

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