Felt hood

A small female hat was born thanks to the ancient Egyptians. It just so happened that for the first time they began to decorate the head with the likeness of a modern headdress. Only kings and queens could wear it, so it is not surprising that it was richly decorated with gold, pearls and precious stones. The headdress of the royal persons was a genuine work of art, which, however, had a serious drawback - too much weight. Modern headdresses are light enough, but no less beautiful and amazing things. So, a small hat made of felt is an excellent addition to the image, be it a fancy dress, evening gown or an outfit for a photo shoot. She always attracts attention and makes the image more mysterious and mysterious. You can make such a hat with your own hands. Ribbons, beads, braid, veil, rhinestones, feathers, flowers, ornaments made of polymer clay are perfect as decorations, the flight of fantasy is limitless. The shape of the cap can be given any.The master class presented below will provide an opportunity to create an exclusive women's hat. To manufacture a felt hat, we need: 1. Felt sheet (the denser it is, the better it keeps its shape). 2. Threads (picking the tone is not necessary, in the process they will hide behind the decor, but also take strong contrast, too). 3. Needle (it is better to take a small and thin one, it will be easier for it to sew tiny details of the cap). 4. Two flat round objects, for the template (the CD for the cap fields and, in our case, the magnet for the bottom) are perfect. 5. Scissors (the sharper they are, the smoother the details of the cap will turn out). 6. Measuring tape. 7. Mel. 8. Decorations for decoration (veil, feathers, half-pearls, etc.). With the preparation finished, now the manufacturing process itself. At the cut of felt we throw in chalk future fields, the bottom and the crown.
felt hat
Carefully cut and shake off the chalk, in the future such an opportunity will not be presented. Sew the cinch to the bottom of the cap, grabbing the top layer of felt. Thus, the seams are practically not visible.
 felt hat
We turn it to the front side,hiding seams inside. At the bottom edge of the crown we sew a lace ribbon.  felt hat
The higher it will be, the better will hide the suture of the crown with the bottom . The upper seam can be decorated with satin ribbon, putting it on glue. In our case, it is hidden by the lace ribbon, so there is no need to overload the hat with the decor. Sew on the hat fields, also grabbing the top layer of felt.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/6/1763-shlyapka-iz-fetra.jpg" alt="felt hat" title="felt hat">
Seam, again, can be hidden behind the decor (ribbon, sequins, buttons, etc.). Adding a veil to the accordion and leaving about 1 cm to the fold, sew it to the base of the crown. Mask the joint lace ribbon on the side with a pen, stitching it to the cap.
felt hat
Then we begin to fantasize, in every way decorating the finished hat. We glue the figurine to the pen nib, an artificial half-pearl on the veil and a hat. You can sew an invisibility, a clip or a hoop to the base of the finished cap. After spending just an hour, you can get a unique addition to your outfit.
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