Flexible radio beacon

Recently, the hands of an old mobile phone in an inoperative condition. As a result, it was disassembled for parts. From the eye did not slip an interesting shape with smd components. As a result, without hesitation I decided to make a radio receiver on a flexible board. For the beetle, I chose the simplest scheme, because the bug was doing only as a trial version.
 Flexible radio-gun
A microphone amplifier was added to the circuit on a low-power transistor to increase the sensitivity of the microphone, but as it turned out in vain since the difference with the amplifier and without it was insignificant, therefore for your consideration I suggest a scheme without a microphone amplifier. This, perhaps, is the simplest of all known schemes. The transmitter is made on just one transistor of the kt 368 series. The circuit contains 5 to 6 turns of a wire with a diameter of 0.7 mm ,. An antenna serves as a piece of wire with a length of 8 - 10 mm (if the frequency is made longer), the most ordinary microphone was removed from the same phone. Electret microphones in themselves already have one cascade of amplifier,therefore, they can provide sensitivity up to 5 meters without an additional microphone amplifier.
 Flexible RadioBoat
 Flexible radio head
After testing, the scheme was transferred to a flexible board. The beetle is assembled using SMD components, but I advise beginners to use ordinary radio components for the beginning. The supply voltage range is from 3 to 9 volts. It is very convenient to feed the beetle from the crown with a voltage of 9 volts. The current consumption is not more than 9 mA, that is, an ordinary crown lasts for 3 to 4 days of continuous work of a bug.
 Flexible radio head
Flexible radio head
The device keeps working even when the supply voltage drops to 2 volts. True range of the bug turned out to be small, only 40 meters with direct visibility. I caught a Chinese receiver for 150 rubles.

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