Fluffy Guest

New Year is invariably associated with mandarins, snowflakes, garlands, tinsel and gifts. Everyone complements this list in accordance with their expectations and memories from childhood, but he will continue to mention the fluffy and beautiful tree. It is such a forest guest, if you follow all the recommendations of this master class.
Fluffy Guest

Preparing Material

For a fluffy Christmas tree to decorate the New Year's table or become a gift for children and adults, you will need these preparations:
  • foam cone;
  • acrylic (or other) paint of green color;
  • flexible wires with pile.

Fluffy guest
Procrastination is sold in shops for needlework, you can order them on Ali Express. This material is well suited for children's creativity, and a large number of shades will allow you to create Christmas trees of different colors (from the “blue spruce” to the usual forest beauty from central Russia).The work will also require:
  • glue gun and 1 hot-melt stick;
  • beadsor beads;
  • sequins;
  • ribbons;
  • decorative cones, balls, toys.
Fluffy guest
If the presence of hot melt is required, then the decorative elements can be any. You can simply cover the branches with sparkles, as if they are covered with hoarfrost.

Putting the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree with your own hands does this. 1. Paint the foam cone with green paint. Give the workpiece to dry. Painting is obligatory, because if the branches lie loosely, then there will be no noticeable basis between them.
Fluffy Guest
2. On one of the wires twist the loop. This is the crown of the Christmas tree.
Fluffy Guest
3. Around the loop we make several tight turns, gradually increasing the radius of the circle. The wire keeps its shape well, and additional fixing is not needed here. We need to try on the resulting blank - it should sit tightly on the top of the tree, as if a cap.
Fluffy Guest
4. Now you need to warm up the gun and drop a little glue on the top of the cone. Several glue dots should be placed just below.Quickly put on the “cone” of wire on the cone and press for a few seconds. The hot melt glue almost immediately, and now our Christmas tree has got a fluffy crown. Now we must continue to wrap the wire around the base, building it up by twisting.
Fluffy guest
5. In some places, a thin strip of hot melt should be applied. This will additionally fix the turns on the foam cone. 6. The work is almost completed, it remains to have a snack wire with wire cutters, leaving a small tail. It should be inserted into the base of the cone. The last turn is surely planted on glue.
Fluffy guest


Our souvenir - a Christmas tree made of wire is ready to become even more beautiful. To do this, you can strung beads from glass beads and glass beads, make a garland of sequins or balls of semi-beads. If there is a decorative star of suitable size, it can be mounted on the top of the tree. Some skilled workers are skillfully molded from salted dough. Then you can decorate a miracle tree with balls, cones, bunches of berries. The present is ready. Fluffy guest
All the work we needed:
  • foam cone - 60 rubles;
  • hot melt glue - 15 rubles;
  • wires - 10 pcs. 2 rubles each.
  • sequins, beads, beads, and dyes will be found in the stocks of any needlewoman.

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