Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

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Today we will cook with you the original Vietnamese spring rolls - Nam. Vietnamese cuisine is quite peculiar for the inhabitants of theCIS, but pancakes love and know everything, even in Vietnam they are very popular, they deserve it by the speed of cooking and delicious delicious. Each family has its own recipe for this dish, we will show one of them.

Fresh Vietnamese pancakes stuffed with - Nam

Don't be afraid to experiment and invent your own recipes. Scroll down and take a look at the pictures. At first glance it may seem easy?Yes, this is actually so!I will not lie to you, but the first two rolls can get messy, do not worry, everything comes with experience! These pancakes will look original both on a festive table, so at a modest dinner in the family circle

If you are a sweet tooth, just crazy about sweets and other sweets, and special Italian cuisine, then you definitely need to know how to cook panacotta in your kitchen.

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