Funny contests and games for Halloween 2014

Halloween is a traditional American holiday. On this day, Americans transform into demons, witches and mythical heroes. In every corner of the United States are having fun and scaring each other. For them it is a national holiday and celebrate it on a par with the New Year.

Contests will allow you to hold this magical holiday simply unforgettable. Find out what options you can organize at the party in our article.

In the post-Soviet countries, celebrating All Saints Day began relatively recently. If in America, both adults and children celebrate Halloween, then in our country this holiday is recognized only by young people.

Young people are always open to the adoption of new traditions, so they are not against an interesting party with a lot of people. All the more pleasant to be reincarnated for the time being. Costumed parties are an excellent cheer.

Halloween is an interesting holiday, which requires some preparation. In fact, only on this holiday can a person calmly put on even the craziest costume.There is, of course, another New Year, but costumed parties at its celebration are not so common.

Preparations for the party must begin in advance. You must think through all the subtleties of your attire, makeup, accessories. You can make them yourself or buy them in specialized stores.

By the way, creating a dress is a very exciting experience. You can have fun while you do it. You can invite friends for this purpose and jointly sew costumes. At the celebration, you should shine in the brightest and most unusual costume.

Whatever smart costumes you have not put on, it can happen that the party will be boring. To prevent this from happening, we suggest you to prepare a cool entertainment program.


Witch's pantry. The meaning of this contest is this: certain objects are hidden in the room (for example, small pumpkins) and turn off the light, then in total darkness, participants need to find all the objects. Before the competition, it is desirable to remove all valuable and breakable items. This contest is pretty funny, as anything can happen in the dark.

Scary cry. Playing this game is simple, all you need is a loud cry. The one who will be the loudest to become the winner. You can not even imagine what kind of funny sounds people can make, especially after a couple of glasses of alcohol.

Who is faster. This competition can be held at the beginning of the party, when guests feel some embarrassment. Alcohol helps to relax better. The meaning of the competition is to drink alcohol as quickly as possible. Perhaps it will be a beer or tequila. Believe me, many will want to take part in the contest "Who is faster".

I will fulfill the desire. No decent party can do without the fulfillment of desires. As a tool, you can use the bottle. Participants sit in a circle and twist the bottle, the one who will indicate the neck, must fulfill the desire of the one who twisted. Halloween can be the most unpredictable wishes.

Hide and seek. On All Saints Day, hide-and-seek can become especially dangerous. To get even more thrills we invite you to play in the near park. The spice of the game gives the fact that you will be in costumes. In principle, you can frighten passersby well.Nothing so decorates Halloween as darkness and a sense of danger.

Witch dance. Surely a lot of girls in witch costumes will gather at the party. So let them prove who is stronger. Turn on the catchy music and arrange a competition for the coolest dance. The winner is determined by the guests.

Contests and games will allow you how to have fun with your friends. Do not be afraid to experiment, because on this holiday you can let your dark side show itself.

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