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When we bring a pet into the house, we surround it with care and love. We spoil our pets with delicious delicacies, comfortable sleeping beds and beautiful bowls. However, you should take care of toys for a fluffy friend. If you have a cat or a cat in your home, you need to think about the process of the games. Cats of any breed need game complexes and small toys. Do not rush to buy a toy in the store. I want to offer to sew a toy in the form of a mouse with my own hands. For greater realism, I suggest using natural fur as the base material.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
For tailoring we need:
 Fur toy mouse for a cat
  • fur, in our case, light mink fur.
  • fabric for the abdomen and ears with a color appropriate under the fur (we have a pink color).
  • synthetic winterizer.
  • threads, needles,scissors.
  • ruler.
  • drawing paper or sheets in a cage.
  • pencil.
  • three black beads: two identical for the eyes and one larger for the nose.
The algorithm works. 1. First, we determine the size of the toy. We should have a medium sized mouse. Based on these preferences on a sheet of paper with a ruler pencil draw the pattern.
 Fur toy mouse for a cat
The bottom of the mouse, namely the belly, we will cut it out fabrics.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
The top, or main part, will be sewn from mink fur.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
The ears will consist of two parts, most of them fur, smaller from fabric.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
The tail will be made of a thin strip of fur. 2. Cut the pattern out of paper. We impose a bottom pattern and a smaller part of the ears on the fabric,we cross needles.
 Fur toy mouse for a cat
Don't forget that there should be two ears. 3. Cut out the details of the fabric. We make a seam allowance of 0.5 cm for the abdomen, no seam allowance for the ears.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
We got three parts. Fur toy mouse for a cat
4. We impose a pattern of the top on the reverse side of the fur and pin it with needles.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
It is necessary to arrange the pattern on the growth of fur hairs to make the pile on the back of the mouse look back. Such details should be 2 pieces. 5. The pattern of the underside of the ears is pinned to the fur, observing the same principle as for the back.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
Do this for both ears.6. We cut out details from fur. For the top we make an allowance of 2-3 mm, for the rest of the items the allowance is not necessary. Do not forget to cut the tail,according to the pattern and without allowance.  Fur toy mouse for cat 7. Gently sew the back from the wrong side of the upper convex edge. -myshka-dlya-kota.jpg "alt =" Fur toy mouse for cat "title =" Fur toy mouse for cat "> 8. Take the details of the ears of fur and fabric.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
We impose a fabric piece on the front side of the fur inside out to the bottom and sew it in the hand at the edges. There is no need to stitch often, just grab in several places.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
We do it with the second ear. Superfluous fraying fur neatly cut off with sharp scissors.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
9. Sewing the ears for the details of the top.  Fur toy mouse for cat 10. Stitch the abdomen with the back, while sewing the tail in the back of the product.We leave a hole for stuffing with padding polyester.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
11. We fill the product with a sintepon tightly enough.
 Fur toy mouse for cat
Sew a hole.
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