Garden gnome

All good day and good mood. What amateur gardener only flowers, but also different figures? I think that most of us, when they go to specialty stores, and see garden figures there, think that they want to see them in their garden. I’m delighted when I see various figurines, crafts someone in the garden, the garden. I have long wanted to buy a gnome for a garden, but since I am on maternity leave, I confess honestly that I don’t have enough money to buy garden figures. But then I have free time, fantasy and hands that do not have peace, there is also a little helper. So I decided to make a gnome with my own hands from scrap materials. To make a gnome I needed: - Plastic bottle. - Scissors, knife. - Scotch. - Plastic bag (T-shirt). - Newspapers. - Egg trays (paper). - Kleister (water + flour). - Cement + sand + water. - Clay moment.
- Tablet. - Sandpaper. - Primer. - Enamel paints of different colors. - Brushes. - Decorative eyes. I repeat, I have long wanted to make a gnome, but did not know how to make it.And so I began to fantasize, to look for ways to make my little dream come true. I'll have a dwarf from a plastic bottle. First, I cut off the bottom of it.
Garden gnome
From bottom to top from opposite sides in the middle of the bottle made cuts of equal length, then at the top made small cuts in the right and left side. It will be legs. In order to fix them, wrapped them with scotch.  Garden Gnome
 The Garden Gnome Then I needed a plastic bag. I rolled it into a ball and glued it to the top of the bottle so that the neck was inside the ball, fixed all this scotch. The result is a head. gnome "title =" Garden gnome "> From the newspaper I made hands. Just folded a newspaper in a tube and attached it with tape to the right place, just made a second hand.  The Garden Gnome I also needed a newspaper for pasting the frame. Narrowing small pieces of newspaper, I dipped them in paste and stuck to the body of the gnome.Yes, I almost forgot, the hole that turned out between my legs, I first stuck with strips of tape, and then pasted over with paper.
 Garden gnome
The next step was the cap. It was also made of paper. Turning the newspaper into a bag, tucking up the jagged edges, I secured it with scotch tape and glued it to my head. I also pasted it with a newspaper.
Garden gnome
Then I took the paper egg trays, tore them into small pieces and poured boiling water on it. Left sodden for a day.
Garden gnome
When the paper swelled, I began to work further. The paste was boiled again, and dipping pieces of paper into it began to form its feet. It’s better to do it on a smooth plank.
Garden gnome
I installed a dwarf on my feet and also with this paper I shaped my legs. Left the work to dry for some time.
Garden gnome
Then I again pasted over the whole figure using the same technology.Still, the hands of the figure were long, so I shortened them a little.
 Garden Gnome
Generally, I wanted to make a dwarf only with the help of such paper, but it turned out to be tuberous and I did not like it, and by weight it was easy. So, that stage, probably, could be missed, but everything is learned in work. (Although, if the chopped pieces of paper to grind, for example, with a blender, then this material could bring the dwarf to mind.) In the end, I decided to apply a cement slurry on it, to give the desired shapes on the face and body, as well as for weighting gnome. On uneven lines, for smoothness, I walked with a wet brush. After a satisfactory result, I left the crafts to dry for three days. Here's what happened.
Garden gnome
First I sanded the whole figure, covered with a primer and, only then, I painted it with oil paints. Since I am not an artist, and I had difficulty in drawing eyes, I decided to glue decorative eyes (from an old soft toy). Voila, my garden gnome is ready.
Garden gnome
In general, there is where to show your imagination.For example, insert an object in your hand - a flower, a flashlight, a bucket or put a gnome on a bench. But, since this is my first job, I decided to make the craft easier. I hope you liked my garden gnome. I would be happy if someone inspired the creative work. Goodbye, see you soon.
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